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The p2p Shipyard is currently Source-Available, and once our retroactive crowdfunding goal is reached, it will be Free and Open Source, Forever.

Until then, you just have to reach out to us to work out a contribution towards the retroactive crowdfunding goal in exchange for a license to use it. We’re committed to making it accessible, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Once the retroactive crowdfunding goal is met, no one will ever have to ask anyone to use it again.

If you need support for integration, bug fixes, or feature requests for the p2p Shipyard, we will be offering support tickets here.

Reach out to us here!

Support the p2p Shipyard on Open Collective!

Support with ETH or HOT:

Ethereum Address: 0x848e32fA8FBf3402C0d191E918cE50103eE76A4D

Crypto Address

(all crypto contributions will also count towards the retroactive crowdfunding Goal on Open Collective)

Learn more about our approach in our substack post, and contribute to our crowdfunding in our Open Collective page.